7 Most Underrated Cities for Digital Nomads 2024

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Are you tired of joining the crowd in overpopulated digital nomad hotspots? Did you know there’s a whole world of underrated, affordable cities with fast Wi-Fi, great food, and welcoming locals just waiting to be explored? This guide will unveil some lesser-known gems, where thriving remote work communities offer an ideal balance between work and local experiences.

Factors Influencing Digital Nomad Destination

Choosing the ideal locale for a digital nomad is a multi-faceted decision. The most critical factors include stable and fast WiFi, affordable living costs, and safe environments to work in peace.

These need to be top-notch for effective remote work. Many digital nomads rely on coworking or coliving spaces that present opportunities not just for productivity but also for socialization with like-minded people.

The quality of life plays a pivotal role too. Nomads are attracted by cities having remarkable food options, and historical monuments full of unique culture and natural splendor waiting to be explored during downtime from work.

Also, easy access to public transportation aids seamless movement around these cities while experiencing local life.

Nomading takes into consideration long-term stays as well; hence the availability of comfy accommodations suitable for extended periods becomes an influencing factor as well—these range from budget hotels catering especially to the working traveler community up to luxurious serviced apartments.

Be it beaches or mountain paradises; urbanized areas alive with street food vendors at every corner or peaceful towns known only by seasoned travelers—the factors that end up making someplace a favorite amongst digital nomads can be incredibly diverse.

Top Underrated Cities for Digital Nomads

Here are the top 7 underrated cities that are great for digital nomads. Each of these destinations offers unique attractions such as cost-effective living options, high-speed internet access, coworking spaces, and vibrant local culture.

The objective is to shed light on these urbanized areas which could serve as an ideal base for remote work while offering ample opportunities for adventure and cultural exchange.

1. Timisoara, Romania

RomaniaPhoto by Adrian Frentescu

Cost of Living 64%  lower than New York
Rent Prices 90.6% lower than New York
Safety Index 7.5/10 (High)
World Happiness Ranking (2023) 24th

Timișoara, often dubbed the “Little Vienna” of the East, is a city where history, innovation, and vibrant culture converge. Gaining momentum as a preferred destination for digital nomads, Timișoara showcases an elegant blend of Baroque architecture, expansive green spaces, and a burgeoning tech scene.

The city’s heart, Union Square, is adorned with pastel-hued buildings and lively terraces, serving as both a historical testament and a hub for social gatherings. As Romania’s first city to have electric street lighting, Timișoara has always been at the forefront of progress, a legacy it continues as it fosters a growing number of startups and tech conferences.

For the remote worker, Timișoara offers a plethora of modern coworking spaces equipped with top-notch amenities. These are often set amidst beautifully restored historic buildings, offering a unique work environment that seamlessly blends the old with the new.

The local cuisine, heavily influenced by both Romanian and Serbian flavors, can be savored in the city’s diverse eateries, ranging from cozy bistros to upscale restaurants. Annual events like the JAZZx festival and the International Theatre Festival provide entertainment and cultural enrichment, making breaks from work both enjoyable and enlightening.

With its warm community, pedestrian-friendly streets, and an environment that fosters creativity, Timișoara is not just a place to work from—it’s a destination where history, innovation, and leisure harmoniously intertwine.

2. Cuenca, Ecuador


Cost of Living 65% lower than New York
Rent Prices 89% lower than New York
Safety Index 7/10 (ModerateHigh)
World Happiness Ranking 74th

Cuenca stands as a city where colonial charm meets contemporary living. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Cuenca offers digital nomads a picturesque setting replete with cobbled streets, terracotta rooftops, and centuries-old cathedrals.

The city, with its flowing rivers and four iconic blue-domed churches, presents a tranquil ambiance that belies its status as a hub of innovation and modernity. This juxtaposition makes Cuenca a haven for digital nomads seeking both serenity and connectivity. Numerous cafes overlooking the Tomebamba River and modern co-working spaces dot the city, ensuring that remote work is both efficient and inspiring.

Cuenca’s culinary scene is a delightful fusion of traditional Ecuadorian flavors with international influences. From the bustling Mercado 10 de Agosto, where one can savor fresh produce and local delicacies, to upscale restaurants offering gourmet experiences, the city caters to every palate.

Cultural enthusiasts will be captivated by Cuenca’s rich arts scene, which ranges from traditional craft markets selling Panama hats (originally from Ecuador) to contemporary art galleries and music festivals. The nearby Cajas National Park offers a refreshing retreat with its pristine lakes and unique tundra vegetation, making weekend getaways an adventure in themselves.

3. Lima, Peru

PeruPhoto by Walter Salas Cruz

Cost of Living 65.5% lower than New York
Rent Prices 86.9% lower than New York
Safety Index 4.5/10 (Low)
World Happiness Ranking 75th

Lima, often referred to as the “City of Kings,” is a blend of colonial charm, modern flair, and a rich cultural tapestry. As one of the top underrated cities for digital nomads, Lima presents a harmonious fusion of modern amenities and historical grandeur, making it an enticing destination for work and exploration.

Its coastal location offers breathtaking views of the Pacific, providing a serene backdrop to numerous cafes and coworking spaces that have become havens for the digital nomad community. Reliable Wi-Fi connections and affordable accommodations are bolstered by a thriving culinary scene that showcases the best of Peruvian flavors—from world-famous ceviche to delightful pisco sours.

Historically, Lima’s Centro Histórico is a UNESCO World Heritage site, adorned with beautifully preserved colonial buildings, grand plazas, and ancient churches. The city also boasts an array of museums, like the Larco Museum, providing insights into 4,000 years of Peruvian history.

Friendly locals, coupled with a blend of traditional and contemporary events, ensure that digital nomads have ample opportunities to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant culture. With its wealth of attractions and essential amenities, Lima is not just a place to work from, but also a destination to experience, savor, and remember.

4. Belo Horizonte, Brazil

BrazilPhoto by Bia Santana

Cost of Living 66% lower than New York
Rent Prices 91.6% lower than New York
Safety Index 5.4/10 (LowModerate)
World Happiness Ranking 49th

Belo Horizonte, affectionately known as “Beagá” by its locals, is a dynamic metropolis that gracefully intertwines urban sophistication with the warmth of Brazilian hospitality. As the capital of Minas Gerais state, Belo Horizonte is a hub of culture, innovation, and natural beauty.

Set against the backdrop of the Serra do Curral mountains, the city’s landscape is a harmonious blend of modern skyscrapers and expansive green spaces, like the renowned Mangabeiras Park. This lush urban oasis offers stunning views of the city and serves as a daily retreat for both locals and visitors.

For digital nomads, Belo Horizonte presents a thriving tech scene, with the San Pedro Valley being the epicenter of startups and innovation. The city’s numerous coworking spaces are often buzzing with events, workshops, and networking opportunities, making it a fertile ground for collaborations and entrepreneurial ventures.

Belo Horizonte’s gastronomy is a testament to its rich cultural heritage. From traditional “pão de queijo” (cheese bread) to an array of artisanal cachaças, the culinary delights here are both diverse and delectable. The Central Market, a bustling hub of flavors, crafts, and local products, is a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant culture.

Cultural events, like the International Short Film Festival and the Comida di Buteco bar food competition, showcase the city’s love for art and gastronomy. Additionally, the surrounding region, dotted with historical towns and natural wonders, provides endless exploration opportunities.

5. Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, ColombiaPhoto by Enrique Hoyos

Cost of Living 71.2% lower than New York
Rent Prices 89.8% lower than New York
Safety Index 4.7/10 (Low)
World Happiness Ranking 72nd

Bogotá, the vibrant capital of Colombia, rests high in the Andean plateau. As the country’s political, cultural, and economic heart, Bogotá presents a beautiful tapestry of historic colonial charm and urban sophistication. Contrary to its bustling nature, the city often flies under the radar for digital nomads, making it an underrated hub of opportunities and experiences.

The cityscape of Bogotá offers a captivating blend. In the historic center, La Candelaria boasts cobbled streets and ancient churches that stand in stark contrast to the sleek high-rises that dominate the skyline in the city’s northern districts. Bogotá truly embodies contrasts, from its architectural diversity to the varied weather conditions experienced throughout its expansive urban landscape.

For the digital nomad, Bogotá is rapidly positioning itself as a nexus of technology and innovation in Latin America. Numerous co-working spaces, such as HubBog and local hubs often host events and workshops that foster networking and collaboration.

The culinary landscape of Bogotá is a gastronomic adventure. From local delicacies in the Paloquemao market to high-end restaurants in the Zona G, the city offers a diverse palette of flavors. Avenida Séptima, frequently comes alive with cultural displays, music, and art, encapsulating the city’s spirit.

Also, check out our in-depth guide on Colombia’s digital nomad visa.

6. Asuncion, Paraguay

ParaguayPhoto by Viktor Kisman

Cost of Living 71% lower than New York
Rent Prices 89% lower than New York
Safety Index 6.7/10 (Moderate)
World Happiness Ranking 66th

Nestled on the banks of the Paraguay River, Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay, is a fusion of colonial heritage, burgeoning modernity, and an unmistakable South American charm. Often overlooked in the digital nomad circuit, Asunción is steadily carving out a niche for itself as an ideal place for remote work.

This vibrant city offers a delightful contrast of tree-lined avenues, historical plazas, and sleek skyscrapers. Digital nomads will find an array of coworking spaces, many of which offer panoramic views of the city’s skyline and the shimmering waters of the river. Reliable Wi-Fi and affordable living costs are complemented by local markets, such as Mercado Cuatro, where one can indulge in authentic Paraguayan delicacies and crafts.

Asunción’s rich history is evident in its colonial-era churches and government buildings, like the Palacio de los López. Cultural enthusiasts will appreciate the city’s theaters, art galleries, and music venues that showcase both traditional and contemporary Paraguayan performances.

The warm and hospitable nature of the Asuncenos (locals) is one of the city’s standout features. Their welcoming attitude fosters a sense of community, making newcomers feel instantly at home. Festivals, local events, and traditional celebrations offer digital nomads a chance not only to take a break from work but also to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Paraguay.

7. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaPhoto by Kanenori

Cost of Living 64% lower than New York
Rent Prices 86.6% lower than New York
Safety Index 6.3/10 (Moderate)
World Happiness Ranking 61st

Ulaanbaatar, the heart of Mongolia and its largest city stands as a testament to the nation’s rich history and its rapid stride into the 21st century. As an emerging hotspot for digital nomads, Ulaanbaatar offers a unique blend of the ancient and modern, set against the backdrop of the vast Mongolian steppe.

The city, while modernizing rapidly, proudly showcases its nomadic roots. The iconic Genghis Khan Square is a testament to Mongolia’s storied past, while contemporary art galleries, chic cafes, and bustling coworking spaces reflect its present-day dynamism. For digital nomads, Ulaanbaatar provides not only reliable internet connectivity but also a glimpse into a culture that has withstood the test of time.

Ulaanbaatar’s local cuisine is a hearty affair, with dishes like ‘buuz’ (steamed dumplings) and ‘khorhog’ (barbecued meat) offering a taste of traditional Mongolian flavors. The Naadam Festival celebrated every July, is a cultural extravaganza featuring archery, horse racing, and wrestling, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for immersion into Mongolian traditions.

The burgeoning digital nomad community finds solace in the city’s numerous parks and recreational areas, while the nearby Gorkhi-Terelj National Park offers a natural retreat for those seeking adventure beyond their screens.

In Ulaanbaatar, the spirit of the nomad meets the digital age, making it an intriguing and enriching destination for those seeking a workspace that’s truly out of the ordinary.

Why These Destinations Are Worth Considering

Digital nomads thrive in locations that offer high-speed internet, affordable living costs, and an atmosphere conducive to productivity. Timisoara, Romania stands out as a digital nomad destination for its bustling start-up scene and beautiful historical monuments.

The cost of living is surprisingly low for such an urbanized area full of amenities.

Venturing into South America, the adventurer within is greeted with both fast WiFi connectivity and breathtaking landscapes. Baños in Ecuador offers a myriad of adventurous activities without straining the wallet. Meanwhile, Bogotá—Colombia’s vibrant capital—emerges as an underrated hub for digital nomads, seamlessly blending rich cultural experiences with a modern remote work infrastructure.

Head over towards Asia where Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia awaits with open arms welcoming nomads through affordable accommodations nestled inside cultural interchange hotspots teeming with history mixed with modernity—the perfect recipe for keeping creative juices flowing!


In an era where work is increasingly untethered from traditional office spaces, the world unfolds as a vast canvas for digital nomads, filled with opportunities and adventures. From the historic charm of Timișoara to the rugged landscapes surrounding Ulaanbaatar, these underrated cities offer more than just fast Wi-Fi and affordable living.

They provide rich cultural experiences, inspiring surroundings, and the chance to be part of dynamic, global communities. Whether you’re a seasoned digital nomad or just embarking on your remote work journey, these hidden gems beckon with the promise of balance, growth, and discovery.

As we continue to redefine the way we work and live, may we embrace the endless possibilities that our interconnected world offers. Cherishing each destination not just as a workspace, but as a home is the true essence of the nomadic spirit.

(Sources: Numbeo, World Happiness Report 2023)


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1. What makes a city attractive to digital nomads?

Cities with reliable and fast Wi-Fi, affordable living costs, safe environments, and quality co-working or co-living spaces attract digital nomads. Other factors include a good quality of life, cultural richness, easy transportation, and friendly local communities.

2. How do digital nomad destinations promote work-life balance?

Digital nomad-friendly cities often offer a mix of modern amenities for efficient remote work and local attractions like historical sites, natural wonders, and vibrant local cultures for recreational opportunities, promoting a balanced work-life experience.

3. What are some underrated cities for digital nomads?

Some underrated cities for digital nomads include Timisoara in Romania, Cuenca in Ecuador, Lima in Peru, Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Bogota in Colombia, Asuncion in Paraguay, and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

4. How do digital nomad visas help?

Digital nomad visas simplify the residency and work regulations for digital nomads, encouraging them to stay longer in a city, thereby boosting the local economy.

5. How does the cost of living in these underrated cities compare to major cities like New York?

The cost of living in these underrated cities is significantly lower compared to New York, ranging from around 64% to 71% lower, making them affordable options for digital nomads.

6. What opportunities do these cities offer for socialization and networking among digital nomads?

These cities provide co-working spaces, growing digital nomad communities, and local events that offer ample opportunities for socialization, networking, and collaboration among digital nomads and local professionals.


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