Best Michigan Campgrounds 2024

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Are you ready to plunge into the wild, picturesque landscape of Michigan but unsure where to pitch your tent? With Michigan boasting some of America’s most breathtaking campgrounds and RV parks, making a choice can be daunting.

This article will guide you through the best Michigan campgrounds, hidden gems worth exploring, glamping spots for luxury lovers, and tips for planning an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

The Beauty of Michigan’s Natural Wonders

Michigan’s state parks are a treasure trove of natural wonders. Pine tree-filled forests encircle crystal-clear lakes, offering beautiful scenery that leaves visitors breathless at every turn.

From the towering sand dunes along Lake Michigan Recreation Area to the cascading Ocqueoc Falls in Onaway State Park, each park displays unique marvels waiting for discovery.

Hiking enthusiasts have miles of trails to explore across these bountiful landscapes. Pigeon River State Forest Campground touts scenic routes through the High Country Pathway and wildlife sightings aplenty.

Sturgeon River snakes beside Haakwood State Forest Campground, providing opportunities for tranquil canoeing or kayaking trips. Whether seeking thrill or serenity, adventurers find an abundance of both amidst the beauty that resides within Michigan’s great outdoors.

Top Michigan Campgrounds for Outdoor Adventure

Discover the beauty of Michigan’s natural wonders with these top campground recommendations.

Best Michigan Campgrounds 2024

Onaway State Park

Onaway State Park, a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts, is nestled along the rocky shores of Black Lake. The park offers unique camping spots that cater to various recreational activities—from the calm and serene waters perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding to the fossil-rich shoreline that initiates exciting exploration adventures.

It’s an ideal place if your goal is to have a complete nature immersion. Known as home to flocks of ducks, you can enjoy watching these friendly creatures swim and wade close to campers adding charm and life on your tent camping experience.

From leisurely water sports to engaging wildlife contact—Onaway State Park provides unique options that make it stand out among other Michigan state parks.

Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness

Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness offers an incomparable camping experience in Northern Michigan. This captivating area boasts a serene atmosphere accentuated by the gentle sounds of Lake Michigan.

Campers can set up their tents adhering to specific campsite guidelines, enhancing safety while preserving the wilderness’s pristine condition. An abundance of wildlife including birds, deer, and small mammals call this place home, adding to its allure.

The hiking trail that stretches along picturesque Lake Michigan is another highlight, making this spot perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who fancy backpacking with kids or solitary treks.

White Pine Backcountry Campground

Nestled within the glorious Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, White Pine Backcountry Campground provides an unmatched camping experience. Every campsite comes equipped with practical amenities including bear containers, vault toilets, and fire rings to enhance convenience for visitors.

To preserve this stunning environment, a backcountry permit is necessary before setting up your tent. With lush trees, tranquil lakes, and vibrant streams close by, it’s no surprise that this Michigan campground ranks high on the list of outdoor adventure hotspots.

Haakwood State Forest Campground

Located along the picturesque Sturgeon River, Haakwood State Forest Campground is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. With its range of amenities and activities, this campground offers something for everyone.

Whether you enjoy kayaking, fishing, biking, or hiking, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature. Open year-round, Haakwood State Forest Campground allows you to experience the beauty of Michigan’s changing seasons. Surrounded by trees, lakes, rivers, and streams nearby, this family-friendly and pet-friendly campground provides a tranquil setting for your camping adventure.

Pigeon River State Forest Campground

Located in the Pigeon River State Forest, is a popular destination for camping and RV enthusiasts in Michigan. This campground offers a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

Known for its beautiful trails and pristine forests, Pigeon River State Forest Campground is a must-visit destination for those seeking an outdoor adventure in Michigan. With its serene surroundings and ample opportunities to explore nature, this campground provides the perfect setting for a memorable camping experience.

Tawas Point State Park

Located on the shores of Lake Huron, offers a variety of camping options for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you prefer tent sites, cozy cabins, or RV spots with full hookups, this park has something to suit your needs.

One of the main draws of Tawas Point is its stunning sandy beaches that are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. But it’s not only about beach activities; birdwatching is also popular here as the park sits along a major migratory flyway.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty and wildlife, visitors can partake in activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing during their stay at Tawas Point State Park.

Tiki RV Park

Located in Michigan’s South Central region, offers a range of services for RV enthusiasts. From hitch installations and selling parts and accessories to servicing all types of RVs, they have you covered.

Need repairs? Tiki RV Park can handle major appliance repairs and roof-mount air conditioning repairs. They also offer propane gas for sale and have convenient facilities for dumping waste.

Plus, if you’re looking for storage or a dump station, Tiki RV Park in Wixom has got you covered as well.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Michigan Campgrounds

Northern Michigan is home to some of the most breathtaking hidden gem camping spots that are waiting to be discovered. From secluded forests to picturesque lakeshores, these lesser-known campgrounds offer a unique and peaceful outdoor experience.

Discover the beauty of Onaway State Park, nestled along the shores of Black Lake and boasting beautiful hiking trails. Explore Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness, where you can wander through towering sand dunes and enjoy stunning views of Lake Michigan.

For a rustic camping adventure, head to White Pine Backcountry Campground in Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore or Haakwood State Forest Campground near the Sturgeon River and North Central State Trail.

Pigeon River State Forest Campground is an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts with its proximity to the High Country Pathway. Experience Tawas Point State Park on Lake Huron’s coast, known as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest,” with its iconic Tawas Point Lighthouse offering panoramic views.


RV Parks in Michigan: The Perfect Basecamp

Discover a list of beautiful Michigan State Parks that serve as the perfect home base for your outdoor adventures. From stunning lakeside views to top-notch amenities, these RV parks are a must-visit for any nature enthusiast.

List of Beautiful Michigan State Parks

Michigan is home to a wide range of stunning state parks, offering breathtaking scenery and endless outdoor adventure opportunities. Here is an extensive list of beautiful Michigan state parks that are well worth exploring:

  1. Onaway State Park – Nestled along the shores of Black Lake, this park boasts beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque hiking trails.
  2. Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness – Located along Lake Michigan, this wilderness area features towering sand dunes and pristine beaches, perfect for hiking and camping.
  3. White Pine Backcountry Campground – Situated within Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, this campground offers serene forested surroundings and easy access to the lake.
  4. Haakwood State Forest Campground – Tucked away in the heart of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, this campground is known for its tranquil forest setting and nearby Sturgeon River.
  5. Pigeon River State Forest Campground – Surrounded by the sprawling Pigeon River State Forest, this campground provides ample opportunities for hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.
  6. Tawas Point State Park – Dubbed the “Cape Cod of the Midwest,” this park features a historic lighthouse and stunning views of Lake Huron.
  7. Tiki RV Park – Located near St. Ignace on the shores of the Straits of Mackinac, this park offers waterfront RV sites and easy access to Mackinac Island.

Glamping in Michigan: Luxury in the Great Outdoors

Experience the ultimate combination of nature and luxury with these magnificent glamping sites in Michigan. Read more to discover a world where comfort meets adventure.

8 Most Beautiful Sites for Glamping in Michigan

Michigan offers a variety of glamping options, including cozy cabins, glamorous tents, and unique treehouses. Some of the most glorious sites for glamping in Michigan are:

  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore – Enjoy stunning views of the sand dunes and Lake Michigan.
  2. Traverse City – Experience a mix of outdoor activities, urban amenities, and glamping sites near the beach, wineries, and hiking trails.
  3. Upper Peninsula – Immerse yourself in pristine forests, waterfalls, and wildlife for a serene and peaceful glamping experience.
  4. Mackinac Island – Stay in luxury tents or historic cottages while exploring this car-free island known for its Victorian charm.
  5. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – Marvel at colorful sandstone cliffs along Lake Superior while enjoying upscale camping accommodations.
  6. Holland State Park – Set up camp near beautiful Lake Michigan beaches and explore the charming town of Holland with its tulip festivals.
  7. Silver Lake Sand Dunes – Stay in a safari tent or cabin near towering dunes and enjoy off-road adventures in your own rented ORV.
  8. Tahquamenon Falls State Park – Discover the beauty of one of Michigan’s largest waterfalls while staying in cozy cabins or rustic yurts.


Embark on your Michigan outdoor adventure today and experience the beauty of the state’s natural wonders. Whether you prefer tent camping or RV parks, Michigan offers a wide range of options for your outdoor getaway.

From hidden gems to well-known favorites, there is a campground for every type of adventurer. So pack your bags, grab your gear, and get ready to explore the best campgrounds that Michigan has to offer!


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1. What are some of the best campgrounds in Michigan?

The Indian River RV Resort & Campground, Interlochen State Park, and Lake Hudson Recreation Area are among the top-rated campgrounds in Michigan.

2. Are there family-friendly camping spots available in Michigan?

Absolutely! Many of our featured sites like Northland Outfitters Campground and P.J. Hoffmaster State Park provide pet-friendly, family-friendly spaces with amenities such as pools, clubhouses, and motorcoach parking.

3. Can I find a directory for all campgrounds located in different cities across Michigan online?

Yes, very much so! The ‘Michigan RV and Campgrounds Online Directory’ provides comprehensive information about camping sites across various cities from Ahmeek to Traverse City!

4. How can I ensure fire safety when camping at these parks?

The ‘Fire Safety’ section under each campground listed on the ‘Michigan RV And Campgrounds Online Directory’ would guide you on wildfire prevention measures during your stay.

5. Does Michigan offer any programs or activities related to camping?

Yes! Activities range from the Campfire Storytelling Project to exploration of Sand dunes at various state parks; plus hiking adventures like High Country Pathway offering plenty of fun for everyone!

6. Are there any places for tent or rustic camping as well as modern facilities like high-speed wireless access during my stay?

Indeed there are! Places like Straits State Park offer a mix of rustic camping and modern amenities including full hookup services for RVs, high-speed wireless internet coverage plus breathtaking views of attractions such as the Mackinac Bridge!

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