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Overview of Disney Cruise Line

Searching for the best Disney Cruise Ship to enrich your vacation experience? With five magical ships in their fleet, choosing the ideal one can be overwhelming. This article offers detailed reviews to help you identify the best Disney cruise ship for your unique travel needs and desires.

Disney WishDisney Cruise Line – Disney Wish

#1. Disney Wish

(Best Disney Cruise Ship for Families)

The Disney Wish takes family cruising to a new level with thoughtful cabin design and special menus designed for kids. Renowned as one of the best Disney cruise ships, especially for families, it offers children immersive experiences through the Oceaneer Club that feeds their love for Disney’s franchises and characters.

Top-deck activities on this ship involve mini-golf, an obstacle course, pools, waterslides, and the unique AquaMouse water slide attraction.

On-board entertainment gets even more exciting as Pirate Night comes alive with fireworks and appearances by Captain Jack Sparrow. Spaces like the Edge Tween Club and Vibe Teen Club ensure that no age group feels left out aboard the Wish.

The magic of Disney extends beyond just themed restaurants or character meet-and-greets; every detail is oriented towards providing guests with a memorable journey across seas.

Quick Fact: Did you know the AquaMouse is not just a waterslide but a storytelling adventure? As you twist and turn, you’re part of a Mickey Mouse cartoon – a delightful surprise that sets it apart from any other waterslide at sea.

Unique Features & Amenities

The Disney Wish thrills guests with a wide array of unique features and amenities designed to enhance their sailing experience.

  1. The ship boasts an immersive Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge offering non-alcoholic options for older kids.
  2. Kids can have a blast at the Oceaneer Club, which offers experiences tied to favorite Disney franchises and characters.
  3. Amenities include top-deck activities such as mini-golf, an obstacle course, pools, and waterslides making sure there’s always fun in the sun!
  4. It also includes the AquaMouse water slide attraction which adds a magical touch to water fun.
  5. One of the highlights on this ship is Pirate Night – a special event featuring fireworks and appearances by Captain Jack Sparrow.
  6. Taking care of teens’ recreational needs, there are dedicated lounges like Edge Tween Club and Vibe Teen Club onboard.
  7. Not just for children, Disney Wish takes care of families with its thoughtful cabin design, and special menus for kids making it one of the most family-friendly vessels in the Disney Cruise Line.
  8. The character interactions on this cruise transport kids into their beloved fairy tales adding magic to their vacation experience.

Pros & Cons (Disney Wish)

The Disney Wish has a lot to offer, but like any cruise ship, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
The Disney Wish is ideal for families, offering a thoughtful cabin design and special menus for kids. While there are adult-only zones like the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, these spaces are relatively limited compared to the vast family-focused areas.
The ship has a kids club, the Oceaneer Club, with immersive experiences tied to Disney’s franchises and characters. Disney cruises, including the Wish, can be pricey compared to other cruise lines.
Top-deck activities for kids include mini-golf, an obstacle course, pools, waterslides, and the AquaMouse water slide attraction. While the ship has adult-only spaces, they can get crowded fast, particularly on sea days.
The ship offers Pirate Night, a unique experience complete with fireworks and appearances by Captain Jack Sparrow. Some may find the ship overly themed, which could be a drawback if you prefer a more traditional cruise experience.
Dedicated lounges for teens and tweens, the Edge Tween Club, and the Vibe Teenage Club provide spaces for older kids. Some of the ship’s amenities, like the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, have age restrictions, which could be disappointing for some younger Star Wars fans.
Disney Wish offers an immersive Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge with nonalcoholic options on the menu for older kids. Attractions like the AquaMouse can have long wait times, especially during peak cruising seasons, which might require advanced booking or planning.
Ample adult-only spaces, unique kids clubs, a weather-controlled recreation area, and a one-of-a-kind Funnel Suite make this ship an excellent choice. The ship’s service, while generally excellent, could vary at times, particularly in the restaurants and bars.

Disney DreamDisney Cruise Line – Disney Dream

#2. Disney Dream

(Best Disney Cruise Ship for Short Bahamian Escapades)

Based on customer reviews, the Disney Dream is frequently ranked as the best Disney cruise ship for Bahamian cruises, making it a top choice for a romantic getaway.

Some of its unique features include adult-oriented amenities like upscale dining options, bars, lounges, and spa facilities that cater to guests seeking a more refined experience. Children aren’t left out either with the Marvel Superhero Academy and themed spaces including Andy’s room from “Toy Story” forming part of an engaging kids club.

For those wishing for longer journeys or desiring European landscapes, 10, 11, and 12-night voyages in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe are also available onboard this spectacular member of the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

Remy Restaurant

Quick Tip:  For food enthusiasts, we recommend savoring a meal at Remy, where the French-inspired cuisine is a culinary masterpiece. It’s a dining experience that transcends the usual cruise fare.

Unique Features & Amenities

The Disney Dream cruise ship prides itself on its myriad of unique features and amenities that set it apart.

  1. The ship is known for its longer voyages in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, making it an ideal choice for adventure seekers.
  2. It hosts adult-oriented amenities like lounges, upscale restaurants, and an adults-only pool area for those seeking a quiet getaway.
  3. Families adore the fantastic kids club on the Disney Dream, featuring themed areas such as ‘Andy’s room’ from “Toy Story” and the Marvel Superhero Academy.
  4. Those looking for shorter vacations can enjoy three-, four-, and five-night cruises to the Bahamas aboard this vessel.
  5. A range of different decks and cabins provide stunning views but may experience more sway – something thrill-seekers may enjoy!
  6. If you’re sailing out of Port Canaveral and stopping at Castaway Cay, consider booking a cabin on the starboard side as it’s reputed to offer the best views.

Pros & Cons (Disney Dream)

When looking at the Disney Dream, there are several pros and cons to consider.

Pros Cons
The Disney Dream is best for longer voyages in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Because it is the largest ship in the fleet, it may feel crowded at times.
It provides a variety of adult-oriented amenities, including adult-only sun decks, pool areas, bars, and clubs. Some may find the adult-only areas restrictive if they are traveling with children.
The kids club features themed areas like Andy’s room from “Toy Story” and the Marvel Superhero Academy, offering unique entertainment options for children. The exact experiences at the kids’ club might vary depending on the voyage, potentially disappointing some children if their favorite characters or themes aren’t featured.
The Disney Dream offers 10, 11, and 12-night voyages for a longer and more immersive cruising experience. Longer voyages may not be suitable for those with limited vacation time.
Its upscale Italian and French fine-dining restaurants offer a range of dining options to suit various tastes. The upscale dining options may not be appealing to all cruisers, particularly those who prefer more casual or familiar meals.
It consistently receives positive feedback from customer reviews for its exclusive experiences and entertainment options. Because of its popularity, it might be more difficult to secure a reservation on this ship compared to other Disney cruise ships.

Disney FantasyDisney Cruise Line – Disney Fantasy

#3. Disney Fantasy

(Best Disney Cruise Ship for Luxury and Adult Amenities)

The Disney Fantasy, often highlighted as one of the best Disney cruise ships, is particularly favored by adults. This ship stands out with its unique offerings of twelve bars, three of which are found only on this vessel.

Beyond catering to grown-ups, it mesmerizes children with a massive kids club featuring hotspots like Andy’s room from “Toy Story” and the Marvel Superhero Academy. Moreover, among all Disney cruise ships, the Fantasy offers an affordable option for families looking to save without compromising on entertainment or luxury.

However, those seeking similar experiences might find them aboard its close counterpart – Disney Magic.

Quick Fact: A hidden gem on the Disney Fantasy is the ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.’ While it’s known for transforming kids into princesses and knights, many don’t know that on Pirate Night, it also offers pirate makeovers for the entire family!

Unique Features & Amenities

The Disney Fantasy stands out with its unique features and amenities designed to provide an unforgettable experience for both kids and adults.

  1. The ship flaunts twelve awesome bars, three of which are only found on the Disney Fantasy.
  2. Adults can enjoy a variety of exclusive clubs, lounges, and bars complete with impressive tastes and relaxing ambiance.
  3. Kids can explore themed areas in the highly praised kids’ club which includes recreations like Andy’s room from “Toy Story” and Marvel Superhero Academy.
  4. Even though it isn’t as massive as the Disney Wish, Disney Fantasy compensates with its wide array of activities tailored for adult guests.
  5. From delightful dining options to thrilling water slides, guests will find something exciting around every corner on this outstanding cruise ship.

Pros & Cons (Disney Fantasy)

The Disney Fantasy offers a variety of unique benefits and a few drawbacks, ensuring that every vacationer knows what to expect before they embark on their journey.

Pros Cons
The Fantasy is the best Disney cruise ship for adults, offering adult-oriented amenities. As a mid-sized ship, it might not offer as many activities as a larger ship.
There are a dozen bars on board, providing plenty of options for socializing and enjoying an adult beverage. Despite the adult amenities, the ship is very family-oriented, which might not appeal to some adult passengers.
The ship features exclusive areas such as adults-only sun decks, pool areas, bars, and clubs. These exclusive areas are off-limits to anyone under 18, which can be a downside for families with teenagers.
The Disney Fantasy is equipped with a fantastic kids’ club with themed areas like Andy’s Room from “Toy Story” and the Marvel Superhero Academy. The kids’ club could get crowded at peak times due to its popularity.
The ship offers a variety of activities and amenities for both adults and children. Some may find the Disney theme overwhelming if they are not particularly fond of Disney characters or movies.

Every cruise ship has its pros and cons, and the Disney Fantasy certainly has its fair share. However, its wide variety of amenities and activities for both adults and children make it one of the top choices in the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

Disney WonderDisney Cruise Line – Disney Wonder

#4. Disney Wonder

(Best Disney Cruise Ships for West Coast Cruisers)

The Disney Wonder stands out as a top choice for West Coast cruisers among the best Disney cruise ships, with thrilling voyages to Baja California, and Alaska launching from Vancouver. The kid-friendly features are impressive, boasting themed areas such as Andy’s Room from “Toy Story” and a Marvel Superhero Academy that keeps children entertained.

Meanwhile, adults can enjoy exclusive access to sun decks, pool areas, bars, and clubs where under 18s aren’t allowed. As the second ship to set sail for Disney Cruise Line, Disney Wonder showcases unique amenities perfect for families seeking unforgettable onboard experiences on their vacation.

Quick Tip: For a unique experience on the Disney Wonder, don’t miss ‘Tiana’s Place.’ Inspired by ‘The Princess and the Frog,’ the restaurant offers not just Southern cuisine but also live jazz music, creating an immersive dining experience that feels straight out of New Orleans.

Unique Features & Amenities

The Disney Wonder cruise ship is a floating world of enjoyment, with amenities such as the unique Tiana’s Place restaurant, the thrilling AquaLab pool area, and exclusive Frozen and Marvel-themed activities in the Oceaneer Club for kids.

  • The ship is known as the best choice for West Coast cruisers.
  • It offers springtime sailings to Baja California as well as Alaska departures from Vancouver.
  • One of the noteworthy features is its kids’ club that hosts themed areas such as Andy’s room from “Toy Story” and the Marvel Superhero Academy, which keeps children entertained throughout their journey.
  • There are adults-only sun decks, pool areas, bars, and clubs, ensuring relaxation for adults without any interruptions.
  • A variety of onboard experiences cater to different interests and preferences, ensuring that every passenger finds something appealing.
  • From sumptuous dining options to live entertainment options like music shows and theatrics – Disney Wonder has it all.

Pros & Cons (Disney Wonder)

The Disney Wonder cruise ship is renowned for its unique features and amenities, providing a magical and memorable cruise experience. Let’s evaluate its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
The ship is perfect for West Coast cruisers, offering voyages to Baja California, and Alaska departing from Vancouver. As it’s the second ship to launch for Disney Cruise Line, the design might seem a little outdated compared to newer ships.
The Disney Wonder has a kids club with themed areas like Andy’s Room and the Marvel Superhero Academy to entertain younger guests. The availability of themed areas might limit the number of general play areas for children.
Adults can enjoy sun decks, pool areas, bars, and clubs, providing a balanced environment for family enjoyment. The abundance of adult-oriented spaces may lead to crowding during peak hours.
Top-deck activities for kids include pools, waterslides, mini-golf, and an obstacle course, guaranteeing endless fun. The ship’s activities could be crowded and have long wait times, especially during busy seasons.
The ship features great dining and live entertainment options for a comprehensive cruise experience. Despite the range of dining options, some guests might find the menu selections repetitive over longer cruises.

Choosing the Disney Wonder can be a fantastic choice for those seeking a well-rounded, family-friendly cruise experience packed with entertainment, relaxation, and adventure.

Disney MagicDisney Cruise Line – Disney Magic

#5. Disney Magic

(Best Disney Cruise Ship for Budget-Friendly Travelers)

This impressive vessel ranked as the fifth best in Disney’s fleet, offers an unforgettable vacation experience for families and budget travelers.

The magic truly comes alive with Broadway-style shows and movie theaters aboard the ship. Life onboard includes daily activities designed to cater to passengers of all ages, including adult-only areas for those seeking some quiet relaxation.

Featuring 1,254 staterooms, Disney Magic boasts more accommodation facilities compared to other ships in the line-up. Intelligently located at the center part of the vessel; these rooms offer a fail-safe against motion sickness by minimizing movement while sailing.

Quick Fact: Many are surprised to learn that the Disney Magic was the first ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Despite its age, the ship has been meticulously maintained and updated, blending classic Disney magic with modern amenities.

Unique Features & Amenities

Disney Magic offers an array of unique features and amenities that cater to all ages.

  1. Adults can enjoy exclusive sun decks, pool areas, and clubs.
  2. The Marvel Superhero Academy is part of the themed kids club onboard.
  3. Disney Magic, known for its vibrant social atmosphere, is a top choice for singles.
  4. A variety of dining options are available beyond the main restaurants.
  5. Entertainment on the ship includes live shows and character meet-and-greets.
  6. Exceptional service and attention to detail set Disney Magic apart from other cruise ships.
  7. The ship’s rotational dining allows guests to experience multiple themed restaurants throughout their voyage.
  8. Teens have their own chill-out space with Vibe, a teens-only hangout.
  9. Character breakfasts provide yet another chance for children to interact with their favorite Disney characters.
  10. The AquaDunk waterslide adds an extra dose of thrill on board the ship.
  11. Senses Spa & Salon offers rejuvenating treatments for adults seeking relaxation during their cruise vacation.

Pros & Cons (Disney Magic)

The Disney Magic cruise ship has its own unique set of advantages and drawbacks that are worth considering before planning your cruise vacation.

Pros Cons
The Disney Magic is one of the least expensive options for a Disney cruise, making it a great choice for budget-conscious travelers. While being budget-friendly, the Disney Magic doesn’t offer all the extravagant amenities that the newer Disney ships provide.
A distinct advantage of Disney Magic is its opportunities to meet other solo cruisers. Disney Cruise Line ensures solo cruisers are seated together during meals. Some single travelers might prefer more privacy and find the social emphasis to be a bit overwhelming.
The Disney Magic is conveniently ideal for West Coast cruisers, offering springtime voyages to Baja California and Alaska sailings departing from Vancouver. For those based on the East Coast, Disney Magic’s sailings might not be as convenient or attractive.
Disney Magic provides alternative dining options for solo cruisers, which is a unique feature not found on all cruise ships. Despite the dining options, the food variety and quality might not meet the expectations of hardcore food enthusiasts.

How to Choose the Best Disney Cruise Ship

Determine the ideal Disney cruise ship by considering factors such as family needs, dining options, budget constraints, and desire for luxury. Take into account amenities tailored to families like youth clubs and character meet-and-greets.

Food lovers should focus on ships that offer a range of dining experiences from casual buffets to upscale restaurants. Budget travelers must research costs per person while taking advantage of special offers and discounts.

Luxury seekers may prefer ships with concierge staterooms, exclusive lounges, or fine-dining establishments like Enchante and Palo Steakhouse.

Considerations for Families

Choosing the right Disney cruise for your family involves several key factors. First, pay attention to the ship’s amenities designed specifically for children. Disney Wish, in particular, excels in this regard with its thoughtfully designed cabins and special kids’ menus.

Moreover, it offers unique character interactions that can create memorable experiences for the little ones. Additionally, consider your preferred cruise route since ships like Disney Wonder cater particularly well to West Coast families by offering trips to Baja California, and Alaska from Vancouver.

Lastly, take into account the variety of onboard activities that cater to different age groups within your family unit so everyone has something fun and engaging to do on board.

Considerations for Food Lovers

Food lovers embarking on a Disney Cruise journey can rejoice with the vast selection of culinary offerings. Chief among these is the Disney Wish, heralded as a foodie’s paradise with 17 diverse dining options.

The immersive dining experiences such as Elsa’s Enchanted Dining Room and Lumiere’s make this ship especially appealing. The second-ranked cruise ship for gastronomes is the Disney Dream, hosting an array of European and Mediterranean cuisines along with exclusive adult-only areas like bars, lounges, and even nightclubs to elevate your meals into memorable encounters.

Considerations for Budget Travelers

Budget travelers will find a variety of cost-saving options on Disney Cruise Line. Choosing an inside stateroom or shared accommodations can significantly lower the total cruise fare.

Special discounts and promotions are often offered, especially during off-peak travel times, so consider booking your trip when these deals are available. Onboard, take advantage of complimentary dining venues to stretch your vacation dollars even further.

Enjoy free entertainment like Broadway-style shows and movies under the stars without added costs. While some extras such as specialty dining or spa treatments may require additional fees, budget-conscious cruisers can still enjoy a magical vacation by wisely managing their resources onboard a Disney Cruise ship.

Considerations for Luxury Seekers

Luxury seekers gravitate toward the Disney Cruise Line for its unbeatable high-end experiences. Concierge staterooms and suites offer plush accommodations, complete with separate bedrooms, lavish bathrooms, and expansive private verandas presenting stunning ocean views.

Staying in these posh rooms allows you to enjoy exclusive privileges such as a dedicated concierge team who are available round-the-clock to handle personalized vacation planning, from pre-arrival arrangements to shipboard service during the sailing.

Alongside exquisite lodgings are five-star dining options that embellish the luxury experience even further. From Palo Steakhouse’s sophisticated ambiance that pairs perfectly with its mouthwatering Italian cuisine on all four ships to Remy’s French-inspired gourmet fare exclusively on board Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy – every meal is an opportunity for culinary delight.

To top it off, Disney offers special adults-only evening entertainment options including tasteful cabaret shows or quiet lounges serving world-class cocktails – perfect escapes after a day of fun-filled activities at sea.


Embark on a journey filled with enchantment aboard the best Disney cruise ship for you, and let the magic of Disney transform your vacation. Whether you’re longing for the family-focused adventures of the Disney Wish or the adult-oriented sophistication of the Disney Fantasy, each ship in the Disney fleet promises a unique and memorable voyage. Don’t just dream about your magical getaway – make it a reality today! Book Disney Cruise Line to find your perfect cruise and start planning your unforgettable adventure at sea. Join the Disney family now and let the magic begin!


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1. What are the different Disney cruise ships?

Disney offers a fleet of four highly-ranked cruise ships, each offering unique experiences such as Broadway-style shows like Disney’s Frozen: A Musical Spectacular and amenities like the Oceaneer Club for kids.

2. Are there special features on a Disney Cruise for adults?

Yes, adult guests can enjoy adult-only spaces, treatments at the spa on the Disney Cruise ship, fine dining at rotational locations, and lounge access in Concierge Lounges.

3. Can you experience theme parks while cruising with Disney?

While onboard a Disney Cruise Ship, you won’t directly experience theme parks. However, some cruises offer vacation packages that include Walt Disney World tickets or Universal Orlando passes in your itinerary.

4. How does dining work on a Disney cruise ship?

Disney Cruises offers versatile dining options including quick service spots, Cabanas Buffet for families, and even Character Dining where you meet your favorite characters!

5. Is there entertainment aboard all of their cruises?

Absolutely! All of the itineraries across their range of cruises from the Caribbean to Europe to Australia offer entertainment; this includes plays such as Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular, character meet and greets, and Sail Away Deck Parties!

6. What kind of rooms can I expect on a typical Disney Cruise?

From long-night sailings to midship areas with weather-controlled recreation area benefits – every room on the cruise has something unique! Choose the port side for ocean views or explore Fairytale Hall-themed rooms- They’ll guarantee an unforgettable trip!

7. What’s the Best Disney Cruise Ship?

The best Disney cruise ship depends on your preferences: Disney Wish for families, Disney Fantasy for luxury and adult amenities, Disney Wonder for West Coast departures, Disney Magic for budget-friendly options, and Disney Dream for shorter Bahamian cruises. Each ship caters to a specific audience, ensuring a tailored cruise experience.

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